I would like to devote the next posts to the pictures that changed the world. Hope you will learn something new and extremely interesting reading’em. It’s so awesome to share such outstanding facts with somebody who is really interested in it!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

British Cats Photographers

Specialized web-sites which publish pictures made by cats and dogs, became a hit of the British internet. The “photographers” not only won the recognition in Great Britain, but also derived a good income from this undertaking.

People let their pets walk around the streets. For this purpose they made special small “gates” in entrance doors. The idea to provide the cat with digital camera came into the mind of the women from North London. She was wondering where her Burman cat Sarti was hanged around at night. Woman attached a light and small camera to the cat’s collar.

Since that time not only the camera’s owner, but also the whole Great Britain knows where and when Sarti walks around the London streets. Pictures basically made during night walks, gained wide popularity, and other pet’s owners supplied their cats and dogs with cameras.

Today there are a lot of web-sites in British internet providing exchange of such photos. As it turned out, cats lead a very interesting way of life in a big city. Thus, the considerable time they spend watching into the sky, as if they are interested in stars rather than in the earth. Cats’ pictures also make us take a new look at the environment – many photos are made from such unexpected angle that may be declared as masterpieces of the modern art.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"The “Hindenburg” Disaster" Murray Becker, 1937

The “Hindenburg” Disaster which took place in 1937 it’s not the “Titanic” crash and not the Chernobyl accident of the XX century.
It’s unbelievable but from 97 people, 62 survived. During landing in Lakehurst airport, New Jersey, after the flight from Germany, German airship Hindenburg had blown up. The airship’s cover was filled with hydrogen, but not with safe helium, because Americans had already refused to sell this gas to the potential enemy: new world war was impending.
The event was shot by 22 photographers. After the accident, airships no longer considered to be safe and developed kind of transport. This picture fixed the end of the airship building.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

“The Tetons and the Snake River” Ansel Adams, 1942

Many people believe that the epoch of photography can be divided into two parts: before Adams and after Adams. During the Pre-Adams period, photography was not even considered as an independent art. Photos looked like pictures with the help of various manipulations.
Adams refrain any manipulations with his pictures, declaring the art of photography as the “poetry of the reality”. His works proved the value of “pure photography”. When there appeared rather compact portable cameras he persistently stuck to the bulky equipment and old-fashioned wide-screen cameras.
Adams showed the Americans the beauty of their nature. In 1936 he made the series of pictures that were directed to Washington in order to help to save the Kings canyon in California. As a result, this area was declared a National Park.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

“Einstein, showing his tongue” Arthur Sasse, 1951

You can reasonably ask yourself a question: Is this picture really changed the world?
Einstein made the revolution in nuclear physics and quantum mechanics, and this picture changed the attitude both to Einstein and to the scientists as a whole. The fact is that 72-year-old scientist got tired of constant chase of the press, annoying him in Princeton. When he was asked to smile in camera for the hundred time, in stead of smile, he stuck his tongue. This tongue - the tongue of a genius, that’s why this photograph became classic in a moment. Now Albert Einstein stays in our memory as a big original - always and forever!