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Friday, October 17, 2008

Cinema without popcorn...

The majority of British cinemas no longer sell popcorn. They consider it is a low-quality product and there are lots of crumbs in showing rooms after watching. God, I don’t care what type of product popcorn is, I really like it, it’s just like a ritual – watching a movie crunching pop-corn in a big paper bag!
However, some eminent celebrities such as Madonna, Samuel L. Jackson and Christian Slater sing the praises of this product more than once. Thank you, guys!
Pop-corn became the part of cinema cult, the viewers are ready even to overpay for it, giving more than 4 pounds for the magic paper bag! However, there are some folks who support such measure in every possible way.
Don’t do it! Don’t deprive us of this pleasure!
Picturehouse Cinema, the chain of art house cinemas, introduced a novelty – now during certain showings there will be no admission with popcorn. The company’s leadership said it was the best business-decision. There are those who adore popcorn, and those who can’t stand it. Thus everybody is pleased. However, some cinemas act more radically, prohibiting sneaking popcorn.
Some cinema chains, as Curzon, decided not to fling about and after the stormy protests against the initiative from the cinema-lovers, they decided not to strip people of good time. Due to the fact that rather small volume of product gives a considerable amount of produce, popcorn is the most profitable product sold in cinemas.
What can I add? I’ve never visited cinema without a big mouth-watering portion of popcorn!

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