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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Good buy, humanity!

Asian scientists from the Osaka University presented their latest development – robot girl, that became the most realistic robot created by the human hands! God, these Japanese jacks of all trades work true miracles! But, nobody knows what will be the next step, I'm really scared, actually!
The robot, called Repliee R-1 imitates the 5-year-old girl. Her body, full of sensors, is covered with silicone skin, her hairs are braided, and her eyes blink from time to time.
As the developers from Cynerdyne company said, Repliee R-1 was designed for the execution of the main functions while nursing elderly people and invalids. What? Are they sure that our girl stuffed with a great deal of wires and other queer things, won't scare off those poor grandpas and grandmas?
The selling of this girl is to begin soon. As the creators say, the android girl is so realistically made, that people take her as a human being. The professor from the University added that the robot can be easily mixed up with a real person. If you remember, the same scientific group developed a robot woman in 2005, that was called Repliee Q-1. However, the model turned to be unsuccessful due to repetitive "spasms", caused by the technical failure.
Oh, let me guess, this little robot girl is a newly-made daughter of Repliee Q-1???? You know what, yeah…great! We make progress, BUT what about us? I mean PEOPLE...maybe it would be better to change something in us without creating weird robots? I’m not sure I would be happy if such thingamajig takes care of me...

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sex toys said...

Incredible! Your post has been excited me with the story about female robot.

I would like to have such nurse into my house.

By the way, the female android Repliee Q1 appeared at the 2005 into World Expo in Japan.